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Why apply at Monster Pizza?

Because if you get a job with us, you will actually like it.


The proof? Our retention rate! 


Monster Pizza has only had two job openings since 2021. Over that same time, the entire staff at an average restaurant would have quit and been replaced twice.

Our staff stays because we, my brother and I, are actually committed, not in words but in action, to making our restaurant a welcoming, positive, safe place to work. So...

Are you friendly and outgoing?
Are you courteous?
Do you want to be part of a team?
Do you love pizza?


If you happily answered yes to all that, this may be the place for you.


  • At least 17 years old.

  • Be willing to work a mix of lunch and dinner shifts.

  • Be Reliable!

A Typical Day
  • Monster Pizza is a pickup and delivery pizzeria (no tables).

  • We open at 11AM and close at 9PM seven days a week. A typical shift is 5 to 7 hours. If you work a double shift, you will get an minimum hour-long mid-day break.

  • A typical employee works 25-35 hours a week. We always do our best to accommodate you in terms of hours/days.

  • A shift may include answering phones, taking orders from walk-ins, preparing food, working the register, packing customer orders, and performing basic prep and cleaning work.

  • We keep a fun, friendly, positive working environment. We joke. We laugh. There is occasional whistling and singing. As one current employee described working here: "It's like chilling with my friends, but I'm working."


Starting pay is $12/hour plus pooled tips, which amount to (on average) an additional $1.50/hour.

You will be evaluated every 90 days, and, based on your performance, will be up for a raise after your first 90 days, and annually thereafter. We also offer merit-based raises outside of that normal schedule for employees who distinguish themselves.

Employees can also earn more by learning new skills, including pizza making. 

If you are interested in shift leading or management, you can make substantially more.

About Us

Monster Pizza is -- unlike some places in town -- an entirely above-the-table family-owned business.


You will be paid a proper wage. You will receive a W-2 to do your taxes. You will be covered by Worker's Compensation Insurance.


My brother and I (the owners) offer a fun working environment -- a lot of laughter, a lot of camaraderie. We do not tolerate drama or poor team players. We're all friends here.



Hiring Process

We have a two part hiring process:
1.) Apply
2.) Be interviewed

Work Location: In person

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